Folk music: the people’s music. The music of the land … of generations. Music played for the shear joy of playing, singing and sharing. Music that cares little for impressing but exists to inspire. Music of the heart. 

Folkdust plays folk music. Our concerts are like going to your garden and eating a tomato right off the vine - no packaging; no sanitizing; no little sticker with a barcode. Just the simple, real thing. We passionately play the music we love - ancient fiddle tunes, folk classics, and our own originals. 

Folkdust is Carol Dietrich and Marion Boatwright. We live summers and winters in Bigfork, Montana and springs and autumns in Greenville, South Carolina. 

Marion’s home ground is the Western North Carolina mountains where he’s been a performing musician for 50 years. Guitar was his first love but then the fiddle stole his heart. Add in his clawhammer banjo and harmonica and the table is set for whatever numbers Carol might throw his way next! 

Carol is a “Covid guitarist”. With Marion as taskmaster, our Montana cabin and Covid isolation served as the perfect crucible for her taking up guitar. And take it up she did! On top of that, Carol’s choir background leads the way for developing our harmonies. 

As you might have guessed already, we are no “bar band”. We go for quieter, more intimate settings. Sharing this music is our passion. It’s our way of connecting … of maybe making a difference. See you out there. 

Marion and Carol